All courses are limited in size and have multiple instructors, a gauge for each student and enough training stations that no one has to wait to practice which provides the best opportunity for

students to be successful

Be part of a class - not part of a crowd

Full Backflow Tester Certification Course

32 hrs of classroom and web lab time. All materials for the course are included with registration fee.

Learn the basics of how backflow incidents occur and how to prevent them; determine the degree of hazard and which type of backflow protection should be applied. Students will be instructed on proper installation & how to test all testable assemblies utilizing the USC 10th edition test procedures. Reporting & record keeping, along with program implementation. BOTH exams are given on the final day and when successful, students will gain certification from the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) which is recognized in Idaho for license and other surrounding states with the exception of Washington. Certificates are given at the time of passing exams - this allows for immediate filing opportunity with the Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses (DOPL). Could have license in hand and ready to test within a WEEK!

Utah courses provide testing given by ABPA and when successful gives opportunity to file for State of Utah certificate. 

Nevada, Wyoming, Montana and other areas - walk out with a certificate and test valves immediately.

Washington - Training provides the information & procedures to prepare to take the Washington exams.

NOTICE - You MUST have high school diploma or GED to file for license in Idaho. 

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Course descriptions

Backflow Assembly Training Services

Backflow Tester Re-certification / Refresher Courses

Idaho - 8 hour DOPL, DBS & DEQ approved course
provides information and review of proper installation and testing of all of the testable backflow prevention assemblies. Updates on any test procedure changes, plumbing code and state regulations will be provided. The course provides classroom instruction and practice time in the wet lab. There will be a written and performance exam given. 

If time allows there will be hands on demonstration of repair techniques on larger valves given with attendees having opportunity for their try at break down and re-assembling. This course meets the two year criteria required by the Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses for license renewal and has been approved for 0.8 hours by the Water & Wastewater Professionals board for both water & wastewater and for 8 hours Plumbers credits. 

Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana and other areas 
Either one or two day (whichever students prefer) training and practice to challenge ABPA exams.